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Wanda Thomas is a Woman of Excellence. She is the wife of Danny A. Thomas, the original keyboard player for “ConFunkShun.” She’s an experienced grief counselor, an advocate for children, and the former owner/teacher of an early childhood development center. 

Mrs. Thomas has served the public in many capacities to include but is not limited to: Group home counseling of children that were wards of the court, residence counseling at the  Alabama State University, Alameda county juvenile hall, and many more. 

She is passionate about bringing healing to all of those that are hurting and crying for help.


Wanda M. Thomas is a woman of excellence who has retired from The Wells Fargo Bank of California, American General Life-Accident Company, and

The American National Life Insurance Company.

In her tenure at Wells Fargo Bank of California she worked as a liason in the personnel department in charge of the branch system that included over 300 branch offices. She also worked as an office manager of the auditing department in the Commercial Finance Division. Her last years were spent in collections in the credit card Division, auto and home loan division.

While employed with American General Life & Accident Company she was a top performer acknowledged by the National Underwriters Association for high achievers with a LUTCF designation. She was acknowledged as a distinguished leader obtaining membership in the top of the company’s President's Council with top honors within the company. She became the first female African American Sales Manager of the Anaheim California District Office.

While employed with American National Insurance she was also a top performer. She was one of the agents who went to the top of the company becoming a part of “The Summit Club” ranking 5th from the top ten in the Company Nationwide.

During her residency in Montgomery Alabama she was owner and operator of the AMS Child Development Center. As an educator, her philosophy was that every child is capable of learning, but you must find the key to unlock those abilities.

She has been a volunteer counselor for the California Penal System which includes going into San Quentin, one of the most notorious men's prisons where women aren’t usually allowed entrance.

In charge of a group going into The Alameda County Juvenile Hall in Oakland, California. Worked at the Contra Costa Crisis Hotline.

Wanda worked at Morella Group Home (children that were awarded to the courts from 12-18 years of age).

As a group home residence counselor with the concentration in conflict resolution at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama.

She is currently working with the head of prison ministry representing Tabernacle Of Praise Church International. Serving S at the Georgia Diagnostic Prison at Jackson, Georgia, and

a leadership role with the volunteer group at Emanuel Women’s Facility in Swainsboro, Georgia

She is married to the legendary recording artist Mr. Danny “Sweet Man” Thomas is the original master keyboardist for the R&B group Con Funk Shun. Wanda and her husband work together helping those who are hurting, and travel on the mission field together extend to Africa.

Wanda is the mother of four wonderful sons, and ten grandchildren whom she loves very dearly.

Testimonials - Nekeisha Stanfield
Nekeisha Stanfield

'When Girls Cry' is a testament to the goodness of God. He will keep sane in the midst of heartache and pain. Wanda really poured her life experiences into this book. Have your tissue by you when reading this book.

Testimonials - Sharyn Smith
Sharyn Smith

I am so excited to review Wanda Peyton Thomas first book, "When Girls Cry". Her book is so relatable to young girls & women experiences in today's times. My favorite character is Jewel. She is an kind caring women who is ahead of her. Thank you for letting God use you to write a book that ministers to us all.

Testimonials - Stephanie Murphy
Stephanie Murphy

I finished the Book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was like taking the journey back in time with Wanda. Sorry for all the tears shed. The what "if's" has plagued your mine throughout this volume, but I know in some of the coming volumes, you will elaborate on the testimony. When do you expect the second vol. I loved how after every let down, you counseled on best practice and avoiding the pit falls. I'm excited for your project and can hardly wait for the next. Thanks for sharing. 


The author tells us her horrific and courageous story when she was a little girl crying on the wooden steps on the front porch. She was crying for her biological parents starting at two years old. She reveals how children long to be with their parents in a way that Wanda knows first hand. You will be amazed at how her story during her teenager years continues to show us how important it is to settle those emotions, and confront them. Her transparency and venerability is helping others to heal their pain and suffering from childhood dramatic experiences.

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